Our Product

Our company is processing, manufacturer and distributor for pre-mixed / processed food material for food industries. We supply wide range of food materials needed by hawkers, food stall, canteen, restaurant, catering and so on in their daily operation. Apart from food, we also supply the kitchen utensils, kitchenware, hawker kiosk for people who are getting started to do business.

Fried Chicken

Our fried chicken has been processed with proper seasoning and flour that suite most people’s taste. It’s ready to eat with a few minute frying time. As we are emphasis on healthy living style, our processed chicken are preservative free and it’s always fresh.


Fried Sotong

AR-Azmil Sotong Raja is deep fried squid comes in whole squid, ring and head.


Bubble Milk Tea Series

We supply all types of materials for making bubble milk tea drinks. Our product range is from tea leaf, milk powder, pearl, sugar, plastic cups, straw and the sealing tools for milk tea series.

250-drink1 Bubble Milk Tea Series
250-drink4 Original Pearl Milk Tea
250-drink3   Green Tea
250-drink2 Strawberry
250-drink5 Chocolate


We provide kiosk for business owner who want to start a hawker business. Everything is ready and well design. Just get it and you can immediately start a food business.