About Us

Food Delicacy Material Sdn Bhd is an established food business opportunities solution. We have been in the business of supplying various types of food material, food machinery, food accessories and many other related products to assist the customer who wants to be own boss.

In order to meet with the ever changing demands of food supply in the food and beverage industry, Food Delicacy is consistently researching and developing more variety of food supply as well as machinery to cope with these requirements.

Besides being known as a food business opportunities solution supplier and food distributor, Food Delicacy is also a reputed food wholesaler wholesale that caters an extensive range of food material supplies to customers from the food and beverage industry such as restaurants, hotels, cafes and many other food business.

We are just not among the many food material companies, but we strive to become the pioneer in the industry with our well liked taste of food supplies together with our innovative yet highly efficient machinery of food processing and provide wide range of business opportunities to the entrepreneurs with the strong brand name in the market.

Food Delicacy Sdn Bhd aims to become a world class food business opportunities solution and food supplier that says it all with our food and other related products that we distribute. Good taste and flavour always comes from us at Food Delicacy

Our Mission

Our mission is to help more entrepreneurs to enter the entrepreneurship with the right positioning and cost effectiveness. This internal economic strength allow us to share the profit margin to create more attractive business opportunities with lower or even zero  cost business package, hence the charity activities are generated.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to impact global on the real food theory.  Our food technology believe that real food can be enjoyed with less spend.


Below are some of the awards that we have obtain over the years.